Did you know Killamarsh has its own COAT OF ARMS ?

Here it is

We are a group of residents who, in late 2018, started informally chatting with thoughts of what could be done to improve facilities for the community, as well as better promotion and advertising of both regular meets of community groups, and for ad hoc special events.  An initial 'official' meeting was held on Friday 4th January 2019.

Our current project is fund raising to increase the number of 24/7 available defibrillators within the Village.

We started this in November 2020 to support Nicola Bright, after a sad incident where a defibrillator was urgently required for a cardiac arrest resident, which was beset with problems in locating a 24/7 device so it soon became obvious more 24/7 devices needed to be available.

It's been a slow process raising funds but we're happy that we now have a new cabinet and defibrillator installed on the wall of Killamarsh Pharmacy - thank you Amit once again for helping the community by agreeing to host the device.  This defibrillator is the latest model, suitable for both children and adults.

A new cabinet has been installed on the car park wall of the West End pub - thank you Dorothy and Ian.   The original 24/7 availability defibrillator from the library wall has been moved to this new cabinet so now, for the first time, there is a 24/7 defibrillator at the top end of the village.   This is an 'adult only' device so we will atte,mpt to raise funds to have it upgraded for both adult and child use.

MANY THANKS to everyone involved in getting to this stage - the suppliers, site hosts, donors - individua, busuniesses and NEDDC for their Community Action Grant [CAG].

A local business man has offered to fund one, or perhaps two, new devices so watch this space.

An ongoing project is to try and establish a complete and comprehensive ongoing diary of groups and events within the community.   We have a diary page on here to look for activities but it's dependent upon group ogranisers making themselvs known so we can include their events - single or repeated - within the online diary, but also to include a listing of all groups within the community with full information about them.

If you are a group organiser, or holding an event please email details to      events@killamarshtownteam.org.uk

You may also leave a voicemail on    0300 30 21 599

Thank you


Plase note:  We are a Not for Profit, Non Political Community organisation

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