Please read the HIstory of the Community Centre Project information after this update


For quite some we've been pushing for the long boarded up CLOC building to be considered to become a community centre for the benefit of the whole community.

Many discussions have taken place and in mid-July we submitted a Business Plan to Killamarsh Parish Council - this will be discussd at the Events Committee meeting on Tuesday 6th September @ 7pm.

Anyone who feels the same way we do that this needs to be a facility FOR THE COMMUNITY, don't hesitate to attend the meeting and make your feelings known as there are a number of members of the Council who, for a long time, have been wanting the building to be leased to an external organisation wanting space for sessions with Youth (up to age 25) from around Derbyshire and South Yorkshire, while not giving any thought to our own kids, who often finish up wandering the streets.

It's not been confirmd yet but those members have pushed for an EOM [Extra Ordinary Meeting] to be held mid September, so we really need anyone who shares our vision to make their feelings known and even better, as many as possible, attend the EOM - possibly Thursday 15th September @ 7pm meeting so the Council get an understanding of the feeling of the Residents who the Council are there to serve. 


History of the Community Centre Project

We at Killamarsh Town Team [KTT} supported a Project for a Youth and Community Hub to operate within the old Youth Centre adjacent to the Library.

The intent was the reinstatement of Youth Club/Youth Provision [Social & Well being] as well as facilities for the whole community for meetings, drop-ins, education and much more for the benefit of the commmunity at large.

Many productive discussions took place between KTT, other interested parties and County Council from late Summer 2019 until first lockdown 2020.  Late 2020 discussions resumed and a 'walk through' was scheduled for early January 2021 to do an inventory of the premises and identify work that would be required prior to County offering a lease on the building.

Unfortunately that meeting never materialised and discussions suddenly came to a halt and we couldn't find out what was happening.

We realised eventually this was all involved with the transfer of Sports Centre to control of District Council, which could possibly affect our Project.

That's how the position has remained ever since.    In LATE 2021 the CLOC Building, owned by the Parish Council, reverted to the control of the Council with many internal discussions as to it's future.

KTT are passionate that the building should be for the benefit for the community as a whole despite some 'factions' wanting to lease it to outside bodies - the Killamarsh Community have been disregarded for FAR TOO LONG, especially the Youth, so we are looking for the Community to support our move to retain the building and for it to be

                                        FOR the Community and RUN by the Community for the benefit of the community

KTT welcome all interested to help us in this quest for the building, at LAST, to become a useful asset for the Community for so many uses such as -

     Education Classes           Citizens Advice       Calendar of Local Group Events and regular meetings       Information Centre

     Leaflets for Police, NHW and other agencies     Drop in sessions for Police, Neighbourhood Watch, Citizens Advice, DWP,

    Jobs Fairs,   Employment Agencies     Youth Provision (Social and Wellbeing)     Local Events        Heritage & History Dispays

     Local Business/Groups//Individuals to show their Talents & Products       Maintain  lists of Groups and Businesses

                                                                                        the scope is ENDLESS

It's an opportunity to make a difference - when we started the Youth & Community Hub Project we were touched by the amount of residents who wanted to volunteer with their skills to make it a success - let's hope this amazing community can rise to the occasion and bring this asset back to life to make a difference to so many.

Thank you

The KTT Trustees.    [If you share our passion and would consider becoming a Trustee contact us - we are NON-POLITICAL]

Tuesday 12th April 2022